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IBC MonoSol 370 CS9-HC

Ursprungspris 1,499.00 kr - Ursprungspris 1,499.00 kr
1,499.00 kr
1,499.00 kr - 1,499.00 kr
Nuvarande pris 1,499.00 kr
Inkl. 25% moms.

Antal tillgänglThe half-cell modules in the IBC SOLAR MonoSol range do not only look impressive with their consistent cell colours. They are also highly efficient, with a positive performance tolerance of up to 5 watts. In addition, they are characterised by optimal performance in weak light conditions and are easily mounted thanks to their long connecting cables. Module technology: Less line loss, greater yield. This is because modules with half-cut technology consist of 120 smaller cells instead of 60 larger. By halving the cells, line losses are reduced and the efficiency of the modules is increased compared to modules without half-cut technology. This results in higher yields and makes the entire PV system more economical.iga: 22